The founding of One Stone Technology:

In the summer of 2016, One Stone Technology founder, Dr. Wendy Scinta initiated developments to utilize emerging technologies within her medical weight loss practice that were:

Designed to help patients

  • Long Term Maintenance of lost weight, and
  • Sustain Disease Reversals (which occurs after losing weight).

As an obesity medicine physician for the past 14 years, Dr. Scinta helped countless patients lose weight, get off medications, and reverse their obesity related diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Unfortunately, many patients would drop off once they reached their goal—which is actually the most challenging time in the weight loss process, due to a situation referred to as “metabolic adaptation.”

Metabolic adaptation is the process by which the body tries to get us back to our highest weight, or set point, by decreasing metabolism and increasing hunger.  These patients would show up years later, having gained the weight back and consequently, their obesity related diseases. In contrast, those who continued to be connected to the practice during the maintenance phase would sustain their weight loss long term and diseases reversed with weight loss.

Contrary to research showing that greater than 80% of patients who lose weight gain it back long term, Dr. Scinta realized that her results were much different with patients who moved into the maintenance portion of her practice. This was accomplished by keeping patients connected to and supported by their medical team, and equally as important, by keeping them on their anti-obesity medications that fought against this metabolic adaptation.

Software development began immediately, and in 2018 a personalized and automated texting tool was piloted on 75 patients who were either gaining in weight maintenance or had plateaued in the weight loss process. The results shocked the One Stone Team, with 75% of this difficult patient cohort losing weight over the one-year period, 95% staying actively engaged, and 80% of patients maintaining their weight loss—a complete reversal of quoted statistics.

In 2019 the software was enhanced to include a chatbot and algorithms. Currently, AI is being added to enhance the experience, scale the coaching component, and preventing drop off during the weight loss process as well, ensuring that more patients reach maintenance, and complete disease reversal.

With the new enhancements, One Stone will include the following:

1.) Effective weight loss program, well supported using texting app during process

What have you been successful on in the past? Why did it work? Will that work for you at this time?

  • WS messages/links- clone me, my voice, my messages
  • Bot technology using algorithms- Agate scoring system
  • Machine learning
  • Kick out to clinical team/coach to stay connected.
2.) Appropriate meds’ added, removed and maintained during that program supported with app making sure there is compliance
  • App
  • Bot technology
  • Machine learning
  • Med compliance
  • Kick out to clinical team/coach
3.) Weight maintenance component (continued support behaviorally with med compliance, behavior, exercise- connected to medical team.)
  • Above with exercise component